Vintage Test Match Special recording.
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Where can I find recordings of the Test Match Special radio program from the Seventies on MP3?

I would love to get hold of a long uninterupted Seventies recording of TMS with discussion between Johnners,Aggers,Blowers et al about The Cake and a period when the covers are on to allow for flights of cricketing fancy.
Any ideas?
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Suggest you e-mail and ask if they have archive availability or are planning to do so. It's possible that they have not considered making these archives available - or even have any, considering the BBC only holds archives for programmes not essential to history for 40 or so days.
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Well, Aggers didn't start playing first-class cricket until 1978, let alone commentating. But I suspect that the tapes of the Arlott-Johnners era are still in the BBC archives. You might want to narrow things down to a particular match or series to make life easier for the archivists: Wisden may help you out there, but one good source for that will be Bill Frindall, the 'bearded wonder', whose memory of such things is famous.
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