How does one go about locating particularly hard to find and very silly music?
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How does one go about locating particularly hard to find and very silly music? [More inside]

I have been trying to find two particular songs with no avail.
One is the obnoxious and truly weird Tennessee Ernie Ford Christmas carol "Jingle-O the Brownie". I have Googled. I have gone to I have emailed one of the biggest Tennessee Ernie sites. It is on some compilation that is impossible to find, I guess. I originally heard the song last Christmas at the retail chain I work PT at, and have contacted them as well. They have no leads. Any help?
The other song is a song I don't even have artist for. It is a song called "Sweet Sixteen", and is a spoof song of 1950's pop songs. It was off of a album of weird songs I heard at a friends house (the friend is long since gone), and all I can tell you is that the refrain includes the line "Oh, you can't be arrested when you're Sweet Sixteen". I know the rest of the song goes on to outline various felonies and misdemeanors committed by the singer, but this is all I know.
I am sorry if this is silly, but no one believes me when I tell them about the Jingle-O song, and the Sweet Sixteen song has been in my head, partially, for years.
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All Music. The IMDB of music. Great way to find obscure tracks and confirm album tracklists. Try digging around there and I think you'll unearth the results.
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you could try too. It's a collective of record shops.
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Jingle-O the Brownie was the b-side for the "Little Klinker" single, recorded 1960 and released on September 26, 1960. It was released on Capitol's Christmas Kisses, but it's out of print. Dig around the used CD stores, and you might get lucky.

The "Sweet 16" song could be by Bob Peck, but that's a guess You can buy it on Amazon.
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Response by poster: Thank you all!
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