Can dogs drink hot springs water?
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We are taking our dog backpacking this weekend and we're going to end up at Blaney Hot Springs. He'll want to drink the water in the spring. Will it be OK to let him or is it too toxic?
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I wouldn't let my dog drink it. I don't know about the specifics of Blaney Hot Springs, but I seem to recall that hot springs have very high mineral concentrations, and either way, if it's not safe for people it's often not safe for dogs (not always, but it's a good rule of thumb). The last thing you need when backpacking is a sick dog, so I'd play it safe and get him to drink his fill of safe water before allowing him near the spring (that way even if he does drink it, he'll want less of it).
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Are you sure he'll want to drink it?

We take our dogs backpacking to hot springs all the time, and I can't recall ever seeing them drink the water, mainly because even lukewarm springs are too warm for them, plus they smell funny. Plus, dogs have pretty tough stomachs. Mine have eaten an entire box of rat poison, swam (accidentally) in raw sewage and eaten all sorts of gross rotting food, trash and dead animals and nothing has ever happened to them.

We usually leave a bowl of cool water nearby for them when we're soaking, because the heat and humidity near really hot springs seems to wear them out.

This sounds like a great trip, BTW. I'm envious!
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