How do I feed frogs live crickets easily?
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Ummmm HELP, I have to feed 30 live crickets to my friend's frog. How can I do this so I don't have crickets jumping around her house?

She told me the crickets would come in plastic bags, which would make it easy for me to put in the frogs aquarium, all I would have to do is shake them out of the bag. The pet store recently switched and is putting them in small round plastic containers and now I have no clue how to put the crickets in the aquarium without them jumping out at me :(
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Best answer: Open the container inside a sealed plastic bag, then open the bag inside the aquarium.
Or, open side of the container just a little bit and shake the crickets out. It helps if you put the container in the refrigerator for a bit first. This slows the crickets down significantly but they'll perk back up once they get warm again.
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Response by poster: thanks Leapfrog, this sounds like it will work really well
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shaking them vigorously and them opening the container always worked for me when i was taking care of 100s of frogs.
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How are they getting them in that small container to begin with!? :O
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and make sure you count them. pet stores are nortoriously lax in their math skills.
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