Resizing a batch of photos
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Is there an easy way to resize a batch of photos in Windows Explorer? This looked promising, but as far as I can tell, it doesn't work. I'm sick of opening every picture individually!
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I haven't actually tried this program... But some of my freeware pages that I've got bookmarked point to this software and this software.
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You don't mention what flavor of Windows you are using, but if it's XP, you need, need, need the Image Resizer powertoy available for free from Microsoft.
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I've done a lot of research and trial and error and the must have tool is FastStone Image Resizer. It's the best of the best freeware!
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Not quite what it was intended for, but you could use JAlbum.

It's really a (fairly nice) freeware app for creating web-based photo albums, but the options allow you to set varying image sizes. (IE, it will create thumbnails for a main page of the album. Clicking on a thumbnail would lead to a 'mid-size' image (which is what you can control) and then clicking on that midsize image would lead you to the original sized image.

I'd just create an album and then pull the midsize images out (if memory serves all 'size levels' are stored in a single folder together, so you'd have all output files in the size you want in a single output folder.
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Well, in the Linux world, you'd be wanting Imagemagick, which is also available for Windows. I run this command all the time:

mogrify -resize 640x480 *.jpg

And presto, all the jpegs in that directory are now 640x480. Imagemagick is ludicrously powerful at other sorts of automated image manipulation as well.
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I second Jellicle. I didn't even think about ImageMagick. It's available for Windows environments too, but it's command-line driven so you'll need to drop to DOS and run the mogrify command.

There may be GUI plugins for it but probably aren't necessary.
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I was going to come here and recommend Image Resizer, the powertoy from Microsoft, but I see ewagoner did already, so I'll second that recommendation. Essentially it allows you to select a group of photos in Explorer, right click and select a new size for them.

You don't have to open up any special programs or do anything like that, perfect for batch resizing like this.
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I use irfanview for my image viewer on windows, and it can do batch resizing as well.
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i second irfanview its batch conversion is FANTASTIC
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Picture Tray, you just drag and drop, tho be careful, for some reason the new, smaller files are deleted when you exit the program, so move them before you do.
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XNview does this with either an excellent gui or with the command line tool NConvert
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I second FastStone. It's freeware and batch resizing is one of the many features the program has.
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I recently had to do this on Windows 2000 and ended up using the export function in Picasa
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Count me as an Irfanview supporter too. Freeware, and it will display anything, and does batch resizing, thumbnails, etc.
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I 4th Irfanview. I've used it for more than 5 years.
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I'll third Image Resizer. Works fine, simple, clean, and you don't need have yet another app on the desktop.
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