Wireless VGA?
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Wireless VGA?

I saw this. And I believe it, but seven months have passed, and I guess I have a slightly different set of questions.

1. Is there anything between the $120 devices that convert VGA to composite and transmit it, and these $700 wireless VGA devices?
2. How crappy will the signal be on the $120 devices?
3. Any better suggestions for wirelessly moving video from a laptop VGA jack to a big plasma?

This will be used in an office setting, and the sending computer will belong to our guests, not to us.
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Composite will limit the actual resolution to ~640x480, and make text fuzzy. Connect a computer to the plasma with a composite connection and see for yourself. Adding a cheap wireless video transmitter in there may introduce some staticky interference as well.

You haven't disclosed the reasons behind your requirement for a wireless solution, but I must ask if it is completely non-negotiable. A lot of people think a wireless fill-in-the-blank will be easiest answer, but then they run into interference, poor reception or performance, etc. etc. and end up having to use a wired solution.

It may help to know that you can run VGA over ordinary Cat 5.
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Response by poster: I was a little glib, I suppose.

The send-side of this arrangement is from client computers-- I do not believe that many of our clients will be comfortable plugging anything other than a video device into their laptops, which often contain sensitive data.

It sounds like the picture will indeed suffer; I can't test it because no computers here have composite video out.
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S-Video will look pretty darn close to composite. You don't have any PowerBooks around? ;)
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AddLogix makes something you might be able to use.

There are a few companies working on wireless high-def
solutions, such as: Radiospire; however, they only work over short distances and I think that they won't be out for a few years. They will certainly cost a lot.

One thought was to run a Gefen VGA-to-CAT5 box to a wireless bridge, but I don't believe the bridge will work because the Gefen box isn't translating video into Ethernet packets. The wireless bridge won't understand what's coming out of the Gefen box.

You might want to wait for this.

Another option is a Panasonic TY-FB7WPU plasma display with something called a Panasonic "wireless presentation board". Once installed, it acts as a "Video AP". You join its wireless network and display your video on the plasma display.

HP suggests 802.11b/g networks aren't fast enough for sending full-motion video. Or perhaps their wireless projectors just suck. You might need to wait for the bandwidth of 802.11n wireless before this becomes a viable, robust product.
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Every composite out that I have seen on a laptop looks awful, and any client expecting to see onscreen what they see on their laptop will be disappointed. S-video should be better, but not much. And most laptops don't have an s-out.

You really should see if the wired VGA connection is a dealbreaker.
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