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Does anyone have a good source to find movie stills on the Internet? Specifically, I'd like one of John Candy playing racquetball in 'Splash' and one of Takashi riding the tricycle in 'Revenge of the Nerds.'
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I'm going to take your question as a two-parter, so that I can bat .500.

Yes, I know a good source for movie stills on the internet. has lots of good stuff.

But it doesn't have either of the images you're looking for, specifically, sorry.
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The Splash pictures you are looking for are on this site. Go to the main page, click Gallery... Then click the checkmark that lines up both the verticle and horizontal pictures of John Candy. The site takes forever to load though (on a cable modem)

I found this by going to the IMDB clicking misc sites, then searching the splash fansites... Didn't work for the nerds though.
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