Where does Outlook store account info (pop server, smtp, etc.)?
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Here's one for the MS types. I have recently rebuilt my machine from scratch, on a new hard drive. Unfortunately, I forgot to write down the account settings (pop server, smtp, etc) before I swapped drives. The oringal drive is intact and unmolested - where does Outlook store this information (it's not in the .pst file)
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From memory, you will need to replace the original drive and run the machine to get the information either from "Control Panel, Mail" or within Outlook via "Tools, Services (or email accounts, depending on set-up and version)".

Now for the bad news - your POP account password is not shown in plain text, so I hope you can remember it.
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Two choices for the password: Run a network sniffer on your computer (can't think of one right now, sorry) and sniff the password when it sends it to the POP server.

Choice 2: Try this.
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The password's not an issue - i was just wondering if all the rest of the details were stored in some easily accessed location is all.
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Route around: email the ISP.
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Every ISP I've ever dealt with will post the POP and SMTP server info on their support site.
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I know how to get these things off the ISP pages, I was just wondering if there was an easy way to get it off the old drive, which is now the 2nd hardrive in the machine.
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