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Help a French- Moroccan Engineering Student Looking for Internship/ Coop in U.S.

I have a French-Morrocan friend (he has lived in France all his life, although is not a French citizen *by choice*) who is a Mechanical and Production Engineering student at the University of Metz in France.

He is in the U.S. right now for vacation (for three more weeks between D.C. and New York), and is looking to find a five or six month (paid or non-paid) engineering internship/ coop in the United States for next year (he has had previous internships in Paris). He is not picky about area, although he may prefer San Fransico, Washington D.C. or New York.

He's a smart guy, fast learner, is fluent in French and Arabic but currently has ediocre english sklls (he can learn over this year), so what companies (presumably MNC's?) can take most advantage of him?

His university has not been particularly helpful, and this is not my field so I don't know where he can start. Thanks for any assistance.
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Get the visa squared away first. I got a couple through these people.
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If his English isn't great, it might be tough.
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