How do I publish a kid's book?
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How would one go about publishing a children's book?

My wife and I have a very good idea for a children's book, we've outlined it and have several good options for artwork but are unsure how to go about getting something like this published?

Other related questions include whether we would submit an outline, a manuscript or a completed book to a publisher?

Any insights would be most welcome.
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You might find something of use in this thread.
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My friend is a childrens/teen book editor at a large publisher. She has a page on her website called realistic news for aspiring writers, a list of publishers and agents, and she also strongly recommends getting involved with the Society of Children's Book Writers & Illustrators.
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Old publishing joke: Wannabe author says "I've got a book in me!" Publisher says "Keep it there!" I'm in this business, and I gotta tell you, there's a glut glut glut of children's picture books. And so much of it is really great stuff. The market just can't absorb it all. If you really want to pursue this, there's plenty of good info out there . The Dummy and Idiot Guides are really quite good, for example. But as much as gets published to contribute to the glut, it's only the tip of the iceberg of what is being shopped.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the thoughts. Yeah, I know there's a glut of kid's books but we've yet to see anything like what we've got in mind. I've also got a mind to internet-isize the book concept to be able to make one-offs for clients.
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there's also a glut of mechanics, doctors and lawyers out there - so don't bother pursuing and of those professions either. If you believe in doing something it's always worth pursuing.
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Many of my teachers are illlustrators, and they say one of the most important things to do when submitting a book is to NOT have artwork picked out. If a publisher loves one and not the other he'll pass on both immediately.
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fenriq, grab a copy of this book, either from your local library or the bookstore. It's effectively a directory of potential outlets for your idea. The listings will describe what types of material a particular publisher will look at, whether they're open to new authors, and what they require for a submission. Typically the Writers Markets books also have a lot of articles etc that help you get a feel for how the industry works.
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i'm jessamyn's friend and i totally agree with the other publishing person up there. picture book sales are down all around, so make sure your presentation is optimal before you start submitting, and remember to do your research. and don't include art unless you are really an artist.
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