Is there a way to send a message to everyone connected to a Windows 2000 machine?
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Is there a way to send a message to everyone connected to a Windows 2000 machine (i.e., all the people I see when I type "net session")? I've tried this before, and wound up sending the message to everyone in the entire company -- and I'd prefer not to do that again.
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Google gives me this, and I tested it. It seems to work, if people haven't disabled the Messenger service.

"Right-click My Computer and go to Manage. Click on Shared Folders and then right click on Shares and go to All Tasks->Send Console message. This should send a message to all users connected to the shares."
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Response by poster: Thanks, Andy. I'll try that out.
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You can also use: net send USERNAME
to just send to a particular user.
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You may also want to check out QuickMessenger, which is a sort of instant messaging utility that uses the NET SEND protocol. You can add users and groups to your list and send messages to each of them individually.

It's also a great way to speak to coworkers on the same network without having to use a third party client like AIM, when standard instant messaging ports are blocked, etc..
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If you're trying to set up private IM on a corporate intranet, you'd be better off installing a free Jabber server. There are disadvantages to leaving Windows Messenger running.
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If you're running a corporate intranet, you're most likely behind a firewall or router, which can be set to block incoming Windows Messenger requests from outside.
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