Help me make a DVD.
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Help me make a DVD.

I want a program to make DVDs. Nothing to fancy - I just want to load some avi files, create a menu, and play the disc on a standalone DVD player.

I've tried several programs, but I either have problems with multiple files or the aspect ratio options are limited (want to copy widescreen). Does anyone have any suggestions?

Would certainly appreciate some opensource options (tried AVI2DVD but can't get it to work right, especially with multiple files).

(P.S. Not doing anything illegal)
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Choosy users choose DVDStyler for all their open-source DVD making needs.
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Encoding video files in the correct MPEG format for DVDs can be fun, when you use tmpgenc!
Available from your local fileserver. Ask for it by name!
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thanks. downloaded the programs...i'm a little confused on how to do this, though. if i have an avi file that's 16:9 do i have to first convert it in tmpgenc, then make the disc using DVDStyler?
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All signs point to yes.

<ahem> Sorry, umm, yeah. You'll have to make sure it's encoded as either MPEG1 or 2 (can't remember which). You'll know if it needs recoding if you get an error when "compiling" the DVD in DVD Styler. You can try it without re-encoding and it might work.
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