The best freeware DVD -> .avi or MPG ripper? Please?
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What's the best freeware DVD -> .avi or .mpg ripper for Windows XP?

I've got a stack of DVDs provided by a coworker who's long gone with the original files. Checked out Handbrake. I'm on a work machine, so I can't upgrade the .net framework without having to get IT involved and they're busy enough. I want to keep the resolution that's embedded on the DVDs high (they'll be displayed at a trade show.) Since it's one title of 3-5 minutes per DVD, I'd like to convert the entire thing over to a single .avi or .mpg file for burning.

(Yes, I've looked in the other threads; no joy, really, as every product checked seemed interested in downsizing.)
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Response by poster: (As in, I want to convert each DVD to a single file.)
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Doom9 hosts the Gordian Knot rip-pack, a nice little gui front end to all the FOSS tools you need. It covers everything from end to end, in one downloadable package. They also have guides on how to use it. You can configure it to whatever resolution you want.
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I don't get it, you want to burn it onto media but you don't want to reduce the file size at all? *shrug*

If you want one big VOB file (which is essentially mpeg2), you can use DVD Decrypter and rip the DVD into one big VOB file. There is an option to set that will let you do so.
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Response by poster: I've got a long string of .avi and .mpg files already and having these in the same format would greatly simplify my life at the moment as well as allow us to upload them onto video file sharing sites later.
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Seconding Doom9. They have all DVD ripping goodies you'll need.
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Best answer: Gordian Knot made it too complex for my simple monkey brain. I actually managed to install .NET Framework and am using Handbrake to no small amount of success.

Thanks for your answers, though.
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