Waking up Craigslist Calgary
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How can I awaken Craiglist Calgary? I’ve been using Craigslist Vancouver for barters and job listings while I’ve been here, but now I’m off to Calgary, Alberta. The ’list moves slooow out there – too slow to be practical at all. Any ideas how to rally more users to the site?

I'm not trying to "advertise" on behalf of the service. It's simply that a community-oriented site is only as good as its community. I bet Calgary's got a lot to Craig about, but maybe nobody knows about it.
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Same with Melbourne's craigslist. I've thought about what could be done and have tried a few things.

If you see other community people posting somewhere you can show them craigslist and say how it is free. I haven't tried this but it would be interesting to see how it went.

You can also prune some of the crap that appears.
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I live in Vancouver and saw an interesting technique today. The grocery store bulletin board had an ad for a dinette set. Someone scrawled "Try Craiglist. It will go faster. Just Google it and you will see what I mean!"
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See if Calgary already has a Craigslist-alike that's more popular. Here in Ottawa there were a couple alternatives that popped up long before we got a Craigslist, so there wasn't much pushing people to Craigslist -- and Calgary's Craigslist is even newer than Ottawa's.
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