Honolulu to Haleiwa?
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Honolulu to Haleiwa tomorrow morning. Any ground transportation options (for one person) other than the $75 cab ride?

thebus.org shows one route (52) to Haleiwa, but no clear way to get to that line from the airport. That site also suggests I can't ride with my two bags (one small suitcase + one large tote bag) - any options not immediately apparent? The $75 rate is from Star Taxi, which the internet suggests is the cheapest.
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Its definitely not cheaper, but renting a car and driving yourself is the easiest, quickest and I think best way to make that trip.

You might see what you could find/arrange through Craigslist - maybe someone headed that way would pick you up for less?

But once you get there, have lunch at Kua 'Aina - best lunch on the North Shore!
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I'd suggest taking the #19 or #20 from the Airport to Downtown Honolulu, then getting off and transferring to the #52 going Eastbound to Haleiwa (the sign on the bus marquee might say "Kaneohe/Circle Isle" or something)...It takes longer to get to Haleiwa this way, but the scenery on the way is absolutely worth it if you've never been around the Windward side of Oahu. It's a hard to beat bargain for only $2.00 per fare!

But if you're still confused, either call The Bus info # at (808) 848-5555, or you can just ask one of the drivers. Both will be very helpful in letting you know how to get where you're going.

Don't worry that much about the two bag thingy...most bus drivers around here let even the most obnoxiously burdened backpacking tourists on the bus...but if your suitcase is truly "small", and your totebag can easily fit either on the seat next to you, or under the seat, it's no biggie (keep in mind, though, that this advice only applies during non-peak hours and/or if the bus is not crowded...otherwise, you'll get really mean looks from all of us if you try to board with that luggage.)
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Oh, and I know this is unsolicited, but I just had to express my opinion that Kua Aina is one of the most highly overrated Hawaii eating establishments ever. Mediocre, tasteless sandwiches and inexplicably huge crowds make it a definite "don't bother" for me (they do have great french fries though). They remain popular strictly by virtue of hype, and not the quality of thier food. Really, trust when I say "don't bother".

You could definitely do much better for lunch on the North Shore, including Giovanni's Shrimp Truck and Cholo's.
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"They remain popular strictly by virtue of hype, and not the quality of thier food. Really, trust when I say "don't bother"."

Guess it depends upon your taste - I really like thier food. Wasn't aware there was any hype about the place though - there's never been a crowd or anything when I've been there.
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Not to derail, but in response to melorama's comment, I second Cholo's but Giovanni's Shrimp Truck has become a hot tourist spot and prices have jumped significantly. There are far better shrimp trucks around the same area.

And Kua Aina is not bad. But I'm a vegetarian and speaking only for the eggplant veggie burger ;) Note: they never have avocados.
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