Looking for a free FLV (Flash Video) conversor
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I am looking for a free utility to convert .FLV (Flash Video) files to other formats. Any ideas?

I am looking for FREE, not shareware. I got some shareware options here, but I am a cheap bastard and I am not really willing to pay for this.
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For Mac, iSquint (free) will convert them to iPod format; its non-free big brother, VisualHub, will convert them to any-damn-thing you please.
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There are also some recommendations in this previous askme thread.
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Hijack: has anyone seen anything for Linux that will do this? mplayer/mencoder and ImageMagick both seem not to know how.
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baylink: ffmpeg should do the trick.
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For Windows, give Super a go: it's free, and will convert pretty much any audio/video file type to, well, any other audio/video type.
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Reading those comments, I suspect that OP didn't realize that apparently ffmpeg *just learned* how to do that; he's using CVS, and the other commenters were probably using installed packages. Thanks for the pointer, though; I expected everyone would catch up, I just didn't know how fast.

So, since *our* OP didn't specify Windows:

1) Set your machine up to dual boot Linux (SuSE 10.2 is probably a decent choice)
2) Install ffmpeg from CVS
3) follow the instructions in the forum thread linked above.

[ gdrvvf ]
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