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Recommendations for good BYOB restaurants in Chicago?

Looking for a reasonably priced, but nice restaurant where we can take a bottle of wine. Preferably on the north-side - around Lincoln Park / Lakeview, etc. Hip and trendy is fine and any style food is great except for sushi... (I love it, she doesn't.) Thanks!
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Ping Pong is nice.
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We were just at Andalous (Moroccan) last night (at Clark and School), and it was very good.
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Treat (North and Kedzie).
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I'll second Ping Pong and also suggest Joy's, which is half a block south of Ping Pong, across the street.
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This probably won't help for *right now*, but there is actually a guide on this available at Amazon.
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If none of the suggestions here float your boat, you can use the Reader's Restaurant Finder and check off the little BYO button at the bottom.
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Try State Restaurant on Webster. Website.
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My husband and I recently went to Dorado on Foster and Western. Lovely atmosphere, reasonably priced, very tasty, highly recommended. They charge a corkage fee but they will actually bring you a bucket and poor your wine or put your beer in the fridge, etc.
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Ooo Jin Ju, a DELICIOUS and reasonable Korean place on Clark St. in Andersonville is BYO wine. They charge a $10 corkage fee, though. (Yeouch.)
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If it's not clear, the name of the place is "Jin Ju." The "Ooo" was my initial exclamation and happiness at remembering it.
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Las Tablas and Tango Sur are fun in that area, especially if you're craving meat.
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Ping Pong was what came to mind as well. It's owned by a friend of an ex, and they have a nice little wine seller right across the street with good selection.
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I'm glad to see someone mention Tango Sur. But I can't say enough nice things about Pizza Rustica. Delicious, authentic Italian and super reasonably priced. Close to the Sheridan red line.
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I haven't been there yet, but Schwa is the current high-end BYOB darling of Chicago.
Here's skillet doux's amazingly detailed post of his recent visit. It looks really, really good. But it may be pricier than you're asking for.

Some of my budget-conscious favorites are Sunshine Cafe - Japanese homestyle cooking (not sushi) in Andersonville, Los Nopales - Mexican in Lincoln Square, Caro Mio - Italian in Ravenswood, Rick's Cafe Casablanca - French/Italian near Wrigley Field, and I'll second Las Tablas and Tango Sur.
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Just as a side note, the wine seller across the street from Ping Pong has converted into a very funky and worth-looking-into sushi place. Actually, last I looked, the sushi place was also BYOB. I can never remember what it's called, but it's on Broadway between Buckingham and Aldine, I think. There is also a great wine store called Kafka nearby on Buckingham and Halsted.
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I can also recommend Kafka as a wine store. They're used to people coming in looking for bottles of wine to go with dinner at the local BYOB places, and on at least a couple of occasions they were able to steer me towards wines that went well with the food at the restaurant I was going to.
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The 2006 Chicago Magazine Best of Chicago edition has a spread on BYOB restaurants, and compares restuarants on corkage fees, crowd, etc.
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List of Chicago BYOBs.
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Response by poster: Thanks for all the recommendations! Cheers!
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