What to do in Lima?
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What not to miss in Lima, Peru.

Just arrived in Lima for a 3 week intensive grad-school course, that I believe hits most of the major sites. We have two Sundays to ourselves. What should I fill those days with? I´m looking for the insiders guide to something that I might otherwise overlook, I suppose, and daytrips out of Lima would be possible, but not beyond. Any thoughts?
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When I was in Lima briefly in 2002 we went to a chicken restaurant that had a cock-fighting arena in the back. While I'm not a fan of cock-fighting, the locals loved it and the chicken was the best I'd ever had. It was called Circulo Gallistico at Los Halcones No. 426 in Surquillo (I'm pretty sure that's what the card I saved says). I would definitly go there again if I ever find myself in Lima.
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Buy papas rellenos from a street vendor, then walk around and make conversation with the street kids.

There's an amazing Musica Negra place in Barranco -- just take a cab there, and you'll get dropped off by a plaza with a big fountain, and this club is nearby - I think the name begins with an O, and inside are some beautiful murals. Ask around and someone should be able to direct you; I think it's fairly well known.

Go down to the cliffs overlooking the ocean and walk along them as far as you can - at one end there's a dirt bike track, and you can watch the local kids goof off on it :)

And congratulations -- Lima's an amazing, gorgeous city. Enjoy it while you're there.
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Okay, so I just googled "Circulo Gallistico" and it gave me this address: Av. Petit Touars 3605 San Isidro - Lima Perú. So, if you decide to go for a chicken dinner, I think it would be best to ask around since I possibly misread my card.
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Fun restaurants:

Brujas de Cachiche in Miraflores, with modern Peruvian cuisine.

L'Eau Vive in the centro, run by an order of French nuns.

There's also a "degree confluence" right in Lima

12°S 77°W
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Thanks for all the suggestions, I'm gonna try to hit all these things, the restaurant run by French nuns is definitely topping my list.
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