MS Access Replacements?
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I am wondering what the (free/cheap) options for uniting a database to templates for printing. Specifically I am worried about the ease of populating these templates, and how I could use regular sql queries to produce, for example, three invoices/page with addresses in the proper location for envelopes.

Kexi does not seem to be a viable option. I am thinking something with .pdfs might do the trick. Feel free to suggest solutions that involve some scripting. MSAccess is killing me.
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If you can do LaTeX, I've used perl to populate printable forms before.

Have you looked into using Word's 'mail merge' function?
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I've never used it, but I think Crystal Reports is the standard for such jobs. But at $200 it may not meet your definition of cheap.
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Response by poster: Thanks, sonofsamiam. I can't do LaTeX but the second step sounds quite appealing, I just may learn this LaTeX.

Sbutler, thanks as well. I'll try to find someone with experience with this, because that's certainly affordable--if it works.
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You're looking for the 3rd item in an Application Designer system: DBMS, Screen/Forms Runner, Report Writer.

There are a number of them out there; which one would be best for you depends a lot on the things around the outside of your database.
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