Is there a Windows program available that'll allow you to expand/maximize a window into just half the screen?
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Is there a Windows program available that'll allow you to expand/maximize a window into just half the screen? [more inside]

I've got a 23" LCD widescreen monitor at home and two 17" monitors at work set up with a dual monitor setup.

I really like the ability at work to click the maximize button on a window and it just automatically maximizes to whichever screen the currently unminimized window is primarily residing on. However the best I can do on my 23" widescreen is right click along the task bar and then go "Tile vertically" to achieve a similar effect.

Basically, is there a program that allows me to "maximize" and treat two left and right halves of my 23" monitor like it's a dual screen so when I maximize a window, it only maximizes into half the screen?
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Maybe this?
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Best answer: nView will do this, you can setup grids and have stuff minimize/maximize into it.
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(nView might be tied to the nVidia card, thought it was standlone)
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Response by poster: zeoslap that woud be the answer. I have nView installed and I didn't even know that was an option.


parallax7d, I checked out that program and it's neat but it doesn't accomplish exactly what I wanted.
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I had the same issue and since 99.9% of what I was working on was in Word and Excel I recorded a VBA macro to automatically resize my windows and then added that button to the toolbar.
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I use hoekey to assign certain window positions/sizes to hot keys. It is a little technical, but very powerful. I'd really like something with more on-the-fly adjustability though, sounds like nView might be really great.

I've even had ideas about writing a little shareware app along these lines.. I'm not really a programer though, and the effort to get started seems daunting :P
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Try 'Gridmove'. Sorry don't have a link but Lifehacker have covered it before.
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