Where to sleep in Chicago?
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Where should we stay in Chicago?

Tonight we started a road trip to Savannah, GA with some friends - about 40 minutes into it, the trip disintergrated (thank god we weren't 10 hours into it!) Names were called, the car turned around... so now The Girl and I have decided to take a short trip up to Chicago for the weekend instead. Alone this time.
I've only been there twice - once for work, but we stayed in Skokie and didn't see anything but the inside of the office. Another time to Wheaton... and I'm awfully sure I don't want to go near there again.
So, I really have no idea where any particular neighborhoods in the actual city are, and where a couple of people should choose to sleep at night. I'd love cheap, but I'd also like to be within walking/public transportation distance from the most interesting things a newbie would want to do.
Note: I read the previous threads about what to see and do in the city, I'm just wondering where I should look for accomodations for the night time.
If it's relevant, we'll be there Friday - Tuesday(ish)
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Stay at the Arlington House hostel in Lincoln Park. You're right in the middle of one of the coolest neighborhoods, plus you can get a private room if you don't want the dormitory hostel style, and it isn't too much money. Just make sure to call ahead for your reservation.

Public transportation abounds. You're right by Wrigleyville where the Cubs play. Be sure to check out the Bourgeois Pig Cafe, Lincoln Park Zoo, and the Demon Dogs under the Fullerton stop of the Red Line. Check out all the cool stuff on Belmont Ave, including the Alley (a punk store) and get breakfast at Anne Sather's. Reckless Records is great. These are a few of my favorite things that are in reasonable proximity to the Arlington House hostel. You will not lack for interesting things to see and do.
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Arlington House. You can get everywhere in Chicago from there by El, it's only about a five minute walk from the Fullerton stop on the Red Line.
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Arlington looks interesting - they don't have any openings for Friday night, but the price is right for the rest of the week. I'll give them a call on our way up tomorrow. Any other ideas?
We will have a car with us so public transportation isn't a must, just a nice-to-have.
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Plenty of hotels (some with decent rates) up by the airport. Another cheap deal is the hotel in Chinatown. $80/night for one-stary glory, but the neighborhood is reasonably safe and it's next to public transportation (bus, red line) which is mostly safe since Chinatown is such a late-night neighborhood.
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When I got married, a few of my friends stayed at the Days Inn in Lincoln Park. It was nice and not too expensive and pretty close to public transportation.

Wait, though, I just realized -- you might have a hard time finding a room because of Lollapalooza.
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Get a hotel by Midway, not O'hare. Midway is a shorter subway ride. Sorry to hear about the falling out with "friends."
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the tremont where mary lincoln stayed when she came back to illinois after the assassination.
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I've always stayed at the Howard Johnson's downtown, it's not terribly expensive, it's close to transportation and whatnot and it's one of the few HoJos left that has a sit-down restaurant with waitresses in paper hats and shirtwaist dresses. There's a great Tapas restaurant called Iberia right down the block that I make a point to visit every time I'm in Chicago.
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The Chicago International Hostel just off Michigan Avenue in downtown Chicago. Near the Art Institute. Recently the subject of a Wild Chicago episode. Parking in the Grant Park South underground garage a few blocks away.
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Cilantro, I think you mean Cafe Iberico. If so, I second that recommendation.
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Apparently the whole lollapalooza thing et al. has kinda swamped the area, so we ended up at a hotel way out in the burbs. I figure I can drive a bit to save 200 bucks a night on a hotel, oy. Thanks for the suggestions all.
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