Name this old horror movie about strange proceedings at sea!
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FlickFilter: This scary movie, perhaps from the early 60s, finds our cast stranded on a ship which has become mired in some kind of dense seaweed. They see another galleon nearby and debark to explore it. Each member of the crew dons individual helium (/hydrogen?) balloons--harnessed to their backs like water-wings--and snowshoe-like shoes, and walk across the water to the other boat. This definitive scene is very eerie, and is the clearest in my memory.

The rest I've pieced together from scraps, but may help anyway: At some point I think our crew learns that the captain of the other ship periodically feeds his crew members to a giant sucking mouth on the other side of a trapdoor in the floor of the ship. Teeth are involved. Weird things ensue.

All I need is enough information to hunt the title down online. I've seen all the horror/sci fi movies from my childhood, but this one has eluded me. (A friend recommended "Mysterious Island" but I don't think that's it, judging by synopses I've read.)
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Best answer: The Lost Continent
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Response by poster: Holy cats, that must be it! The cover has the balloons and everything! Thanks for laying this mystery to rest, genius-pants. Hello, Netflix!
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I love a happy ending.
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I hadn't even thought about this movie in decades, but it must have buried in my subconscious, because when I heard the description I immediately remember being eight years old or so and being scared silly. Doctor Who levels of scared. Hiding behind the sofa scared.

Thanks. I am ordered this right now.
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