Pronounce French place names?
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Is there a site out there with sound clips of how place names in France should be pronounced?
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Wikipedia does.
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Response by poster: Not very comprehensively. Some only have phonetic transcription, which is not what I'm asking for. Some have nothing. This one in French Wikipedia assumes you know the French, of course, but is happy to give you the Occitan version just in case.
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Best answer: This site has sound files with pronunciations of lists of regions, d├ępartements and selected towns. Not sure how comprehensive the town list is though.
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(that's the sixth link down the list of results for a google search on 'pronunciation sound clips french place names', by the way)
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While not perfectly what you're searching for, many many wines are named for french places, so you may find the words you want in a wine prounciation guide. Full disclosure: This comes to mind because I host a website for someone who sells a pocket one. I do not, however, earn anything from his sales.
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Not exactly what you're looking for, but I'm sure there are quite a few francophone MeFites, both primarily and secondarily--myself included--who could probably help you out. Post em!
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