I need video on my ipod!!
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How can I download my existing videos into my ipod?

I just bought my daughter a new Ipod Video 30gb. She was able to move all her music from Windows media player over to Itunes, however, all her videos apparently need to be in .mov format...

Is there an easy way to do this? i downloaded VLC player that will apparently convert videos to .mov, but when I do that, there is picture but no sound!

Any experience out there in the hive?

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Best answer: You could upgrade to QuickTime Pro.

I've converted stuff with the videora iPod converter.
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I've heard good things about Videora on the PC. I use iSquint on the mac for converting any video format into iPod video, which works great.
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Videora works fine for me.
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Try handbrake or Super video converter, both are excellent and free.
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Response by poster: I have downloaded the Videora app and it seems pretty good, however the audio and video are out of sync...any ideas on fixing that?
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This is a great article on getting the most out of the video ipod from lifehacker.com

Personally I use Dvd2pod

and handbrake.. instructions here.
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This is the kind of question you can always find the answer (if not 278493 of them) to on VideoHelp (formerly VCDhelp)
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