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Is there an online tool that simplifies writing similar letters to each of one's elected officials?

When NPR was pushing it's listeners to contact Congress a while back (to support more NPR funding), it had a tool on its webpage that allowed you to write a letter online, and then by inputting your home address, get that letter sent individually to each of your elected representatives, with their respective titles inserted as appropriate (Dear [senator/rep name here]...).

There are lots of sites out there that will give me a listing of my representatives, but i want to find a tool that allows me to write an email/letter only once and have individualized versions sent to the officials i select.

My googling has failed me -- is there anything like this out there?
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You may wish to reference this askmefi about the relevance of such tools.
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Best answer: lets you do this, at least for the President and members of Congress. Look for Write Your Officials on the left side of the home page.
posted by davcoo at 11:23 AM on July 30, 2006 does this for you as well, but it seems that it doesn't let you read the letters before they are sent.
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