Improving Creativty Video?
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I think I originally saw it in the blue, but now I've lost it. My GoogleFu has failed. Help me find a video about improving creativity in the workspace.

It was aimed more toward 'creative' types trying to generate more ideas.

The video was mostly of a man at his desk. It showed him switching fluorescent lights for incandescent lights, hacking a kids toy into a 'muse', and choosing music for the mood of the project (with a shout out to Autchre).

Other things I remember from the video are keeping an "Idea Jar" and keeping other mediums on hand (like if you use a computer mostly, make sure to have crayons or a sketchbook on hand).

The video also used clips of commercials, one I distinctly remember was a for a deodorant/antipersperant set in a building that was about to explode.
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No responses?? If you're pretty sure it was on the blue, try posting this question to MetaTalk. You'll get some readers who don't spend a lot of time on AskMe.
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I'm disappointed no one has answered this. I'd kinda like to see it myself.
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Best answer: How about The Common Desk, from this Metafilter post.
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