Is the film on my teeth related to sinusitis?
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What is this film on my teeth?

I've noticed for the past couple months that I have a smooth film on my teeth that won't go away. I brush twice a day and floss at least once a day. Generally, my teeth are in good health. Could this be related to symptoms of sinusitis? I've had some increased sinus/drainage/phlegm/coughing symptoms for the past couple of months and I wonder if this is the cause. I feel like I'm constantly swallowing against the draining in the back of my throat. Is it somehow reaching my teeth?
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Maybe your body is making more mucus in your saliva as a way to control an upper respiratory infection, or as an allergic response.
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constantly swallowing against the draining in the back of my throat = post-nasal drip. My guess would be that Blazecock's right: mucus.

Zed's journal: Still not a doctor.
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I'm not a doctor either, but I second what's already been said -- and for what it's worth I've got a similar feeling on my teeth right now as well as similar sinus issues, likely related to the pollen count here (It's been exceptionally warm the last couple of weeks). I presume the increase in mucus production is thickening the saliva somewhat. I don't think it's anything to worry about -- besides, saliva is good for your teeth.
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If it's bothering you I suggest some listerine. I don't use it daily but when I do it's amazing how much cleaner my teeth feel all day.
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I don't know about your teeth, but I highly recommend a rhino neti pot for your sinus and/or allergy problems.
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