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Why won't my Shark HEPA vacuum roller spin on it's own any more?

The last time this happened we fixed it by getting rid of all the people hair that had twisted around the roller, which was at the time keeping it from spinning. Now, it only spins for a few seconds after I flick it into action. Currently, there is no obstruction, on the roller or the little spinner thing that seems to move the roller. The hose seems to suck just fine now that we've cleared the giant hairball/ plastic bag combo that one of my old roommates left for me to find.

The machine makes no ungodly noises, and I've checked out some other AskMe threads, notably this one. I have also not done any upkeep for this machine besides banging out the filter with each use (which I know is counterintuitive with my allergies). It's clearly time to order another Shark brand filter from the internet, but I have to wait for a paycheck on that one.

Because we've lived in this apartment with cats for almost 2 months without using the vacuum, I'd like to take care of this.
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check for a reset button. the motor for the roller likely has some sort of breaker on it to keep it from buring up if the roller gets jammed. Clear any obstructions on the roller, locate the reset switch, and then try again.
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Usually, the powerbrush on vacuum cleaners is driven by a belt. Your belt may be slightly stretched, allowing it to grip well enough to spin the powerbrush for a few seconds after starting. When the motor comes up to full speed, the reduced tension from the stretched belt may not be enough to maintain a grip.

Turn the thing belly-up and power it on. Look for the belt that spins the powerbrush. If the belt moves and continues to move, then it is either stretched or improperly seated. Replacement belts are cheap and easy to install if you're not intimidated by taking out a few screws.
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Gah - I wouldn't get another Shark. IIRC, Consumer Reports did a vaccum issue a few months back, and they scored miserably on the 'breaks frequently' scale, and only average on Everything Else.

Hie thee to your local library and take a look for the CR issue - I bought their #3 rated unit last week, and it's built like a freaking tank. (The only problem I see with it is clearly outlined in the manual: If you leave the floor brushes running on your carpet in one place too long(Minutes), they WILL rip it up.)
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