How does this Irish/English joke go?
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How does this joke go?

There's a joke I read in a dirty/offensive joke book earlier this year where an Irishman is sitting a bar and three english guys come up to him individually. They each say something to him to try to piss him off (like the Irish are drunks), when the last guy says something to the Irishman, the Irishman says something like "No, but I think your friends were trying to tell me that."

How does this joke actually go?
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Is it this one?

Two english thugs walk into a bar in Ireland and both decide to have a
competition on who can annoy the irish barman more.
The first thug walks up to the barman and says:
"OI! Paddy, did you know that St Patrick was English?"
The barman says nothing and continues wiping down the bar.
The second thug say "watch this. This'll really piss him off!"
He walks up to the bar and says:
"OI! Paddy, did you know that St Patrick was a wanker?"
The barman looks up and says:
"I know, Your mate just told me."
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Best answer: This is a closer match.
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Response by poster: The second one is it! I wonder how many other variations there are?
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Second one is way funnier. A few little changes make all the difference.
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I love all the crossdressing ads listed at null terminated's link. As if someone will read that joke and then glance over and think...huh! I should give transvestism a go!
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