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The buttons are falling off my pea-coat and it's starting to shred in the worst possible places. How can I find a new coat?[more inside]

I would like to replace it with a Russian wool military trench coat. The one I have in mind would be green where the middle portion (the part from the lapels down) is red. the coat that I'm thinking of is roughly the same as what the guy in Freedom Downtime wears at the computer convention. I've tried ebay, google, and my usual Russian goods suppliers but can't find a coat that looks like this. Can anyone help?
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Try Laurence Corner, Hampstead Road, London, England.
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I happen to spend a LOT of my time eBaying for greatcoats...

WW2 coat
WWII coat
WW2 trenchcoat and WWII trenchcoat are also pretty good, but they're not showing any results today.

Peacoats are as common as greatcoats (the 40's-era USMC and 50's-era RAF styles I swear by, by the way), but appear under various different guises. P-coat and Pee coat are popular permutations.

Oh, and looky here, already :)
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Oh, and watch out for the Nazi leather trenchcoats. They're almost certainly not. And they won't be called Nazi, either, because of eBay ruligations. They'll be 'German'.

Also: Watch out for Dragon and Action-Mna scale miniature coats. I've come close to bidding on items that would have been about 700% too small.
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posted by armoured-ant at 5:41 AM on December 31, 2003

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