Where can I get an awesome retro-military coat like Captain Jack Harkness?
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Where can I get an awesome retro-military coat like Captain Jack Harkness?

Now, here's the difficult part - I'm sure similars can be found in Army/Navy stores, and I've even seen some vaguely similar at a few while looking, but I'm, well, not a small man.

6'1", and, let's just euphemistically say I'm not as thin as I was in MY army days by a long shot.

So I'm hoping someone knows of a source that carries more than just the odd one or two, and might have enough of a selection to be able to find one for me.
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It reminds me of a Navy or Coast Guard Officer "bridge coat." That might narrow down your search.
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"Great Coat"
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how's this ?
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Despite the sold-out state of the coat in the previous link, The Sportsman's Guide is an invaluable source of milsurp shit. Just keep looking there every week or so and eventually something cool in your size will appear. Ask my garage, it knows.
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J. Peterman?
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I'll second The Sportsman's Guide, since it straddles the border between militaria and sporting goods pretty well.

If not there, then I'd suggest also checking Brigade Quartermasters. It's a mail-order (and internet) company that always has a lot of military and quasi-military products, including lots of clothing; it would be my first place to check. They used to carry a lot more civilian clothing, but in the past few years they've become more focused on selling to military personnel. Still, they'd be worth checking out.

After that, I'd probably hit up Ranger Joe's, although you may find it a little heavy on the "military" and light on the "surplus."

I didn't see anything that exactly matched your coat in any of them, but their stock changes rapidly. It might take a few months of browsing catalogs or websites before you get exactly what you're looking for, but it's out there.
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Captain Jack wears a WW2 vintage RAF great Coat I think, as that was the branch of the service he was in in the Doctor Who episode where he was introduced.
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Response by poster: Many thanks to all of you. :-)
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