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MotivationFilter: Need a website thingy where a friend and I can both enter information about workouts we do.

I have a dear friend who lives about an hour away. While we'd love to live closer to each other to be able to get in shape together, it seems the best way for us to do this will be on the phone and via email. I'm also looking for some website/program thingy where we can each log in and write down what we did that day for exercise or what we ate, or something.

We need some way of checking in with each other to motivate each other and to make sure neither of us starts to slack off. Knowing that she's watching what I'm doing will really help me.

Is there anything like this out there? I don't want to just join some huge existing group. I'd like it to just be the two of us (and maybe a few other friends eventually). I have no idea what something like this would be called, so I didn't know what to search for if this has been asked before.

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WeEndure is pretty good like running, swimming, and cycling.
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... pretty good *for* ...
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Spark People allows you to have "clubs" - your club could just be the two of you.
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Maybe try a wiki? PB Wiki is free and hosted on the web.
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It's not exactly what you're looking for, but Joe's Goals ( allows you to track goals over time; I don't see why you couldn't create workout goals for each of you and check them off as they're done. You could then easily know what the other person has (or has not) done. You'd just need to share the login information so that you're both tracking the workout on the same site.
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I'll second SparkPeople. You can track what you eat on the site, as well.
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MSN groups may interest you. You can communicate on your own private group website, only allow the two of you as members, and record your exercise and nutrition.

You could also post on and share one another's passwords.
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Sign up for the free version, and ignore any features you don't want to bother reading about. Start one "job" and each workout is a "task." Easy as pie.
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There's this new website called HiveLive that I found on Lifehacker. You create these "hives" that can be private, shared with select friends, or public. They have several default kinds of posts that can go in any given hive - like, blog entry, bookmark, movie review, recipe, etc. - but you can also create your own custom post type with exactly the fields you want. I'm thinking you could create a hive called "John and Mary's Fitness Goals" or something, share it with your friend, and create a post type called "workout log" that would allow you to post (for example) type of exercise, time, distance, calories burned, etc. You could also create a post type for tracking your diets.

Anyway, HiveLive is in beta and is currently invite only - but I have some invites if you'd like one. Email in profile.

The other thing you can do is just create a LiveJournal community - my friends and I currently have one for fitness. Some of us use it to log workouts but others only to ask "am I doing this right?" type questions.
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You could create your own group on PEERtrainer, it has logs for goals, exercise, diet, etc., and you can comment between group members.
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43 Things allows you to establish individual goals that you can then invite others to adopt and share. For example, I'm a member of a team that strives to complete some form of cardio-vascular exercise 4x/week. The team members are very supportive of each other's efforts.
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You could share a Google Spreadsheet thing.
posted by cortex at 2:56 PM on July 21, 2006 -- it's aimed at running, but you can enter alternate workouts too. the two of you can start an 'orgy' that ties your training logs together.
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I second Fitday, but you don't have to share can choose to make your journal public. It also works as a food journal too. I really recommend it!
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I'm late reading this question, but Traineo seems to be what you are looking for.
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