When can one expect to be let out of a tv show taping in NYC?
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When can one expect to be let out of a tv show taping in NYC?

Specifically The Daily Show, but i'd appreciate any information relating to any of the other shows that have studio audiences (Conan etc.).

I want to know how much of the day is going to be eaten up by this activity. We have daily show tickets but might gamble on getting into conan on standby on another day.

For example:
"When i saw The Daily Show we got to the theater around four and they let us out around 9."

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Urm, do not your tickets tell you the timeframe?

IIRC, the Daily Show lets people in at 5:45 PM. Maybe half an hour to get everyone situated, screw around for a few minutes with a comedian to warm up the audience and technical things, then taping the show takes one-half hour. Then you leave. You'll be out by 7 or 7:15.

The problem is that tickets alone do not guarantee entrance to the show. They give out more tickets than there are seats. So ideally, you line up several hours prior. Getting there at 5:45 will guarantee that you will NOT be entering that night.
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I have seen Letterman taped 4 times. It was about an hour and a half to two hours each time. Once they begin taping, they try to stick to the time slot they have so Letterman ran 1 hour of actual taping. They stopped for the commercials. There were clocks on the wall showing you the time. The worst part was the wait to get in which was about 1/2 hour.

There was one show where, at the end, after they had closed the show, Letterman decided to redo one segment which added about 10 minutes.

I imagine the fact that he has been doing it for so many years and his staff is professional and experienced that it moved smoothly. The Daily Show must have the routine down pat by now, although it is still a relatively new show.

On preview, what Jellicle said.

(we always had some sort of preferred seats that did guarantee is admission, but the non-preferred holders were in line for about an hour before the stated time.)
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We got to Daily Show taping at 4:15pm (and we were towards the end of people allowed in) for a taping at 7pm. Show was over at 7:30.
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I was out of a Daily Show taping by 7:30 and that included an extra segment they did at the end for some world news report.
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In general, production teams try their best to tape in real time; it's stopping tape that kills you.
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JohnnyGunn: not so new. They celebrated their 10th anniversary a few days ago.
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