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I'm looking for UK camp site resources/info that are a bit less mainstream. I've done a fair amount of camping locally to where I am in Sussex on farms and other less organised camp sites -- all found via word of mouth -- but I'm looking to head a bit further away. The problem I'm finding is that most camping info is either 'proper' camp/caravan (*shudder*) sites or 'alternative' eco/politics-type places. Any ideas?

I just want to be able to turn up somewhere nice, dig a small hole to poo in, get some water & relax. Quite happy to pay the land owner a few quid and leave the place spotless when I leave...
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Camping wild in Scotland? (more.) You needn't get permission and you can stay in all manner of fantastic locations.
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Ask the people you asked for places to stay locally to you if they have farmer/landowning friends in other parts of the country who might let you stay.

There are still some less well developed campsites around, but given my recent hunt to find somewhere that wasn't a holiday park near the coast in Hampshire, they are hard to find (and we were quite happy with something a bit organised, we wanted toilets and showers).

Otherwise, a slightly more risky option, is to turn up somewhere, and find a spot you like and ask the landowner if you can stay. It does work.
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My alternative plan is to use an OS map to find farms near where I want to be and contact them direct to see if they allow or know anywhere local that does. I bit more time consuming...maybe setting up this web site I want is a project for me when I have loads of free time ;-)
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