Catalog my music collection as a webpage?
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I'm looking for a program that will catalog my music collection as a webpage. I'd like something that alphabetically lists artists, and each artist entry can be expanded to list songs. Preferably the program would work from an M3U playlist or based off my file structure (songs are in folders according to artist).
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Never used it, but Otto sounds sort of like what you might want.
posted by tomierna at 1:27 PM on December 30, 2003

I use Andromeda on WinXpPro with IIS. Very easy to configure, and works a treat.
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I've used Netjuke, and it has worked well for me. As an added plus, it's open source, so you'll never beat the price. On the (possible) downside, it requires PHP and a database program, but once it's set up it's about as convenient as could be (even if I haven't used it much since iTunes for Windows).
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Slightly offtopic, but relevent for installing the above apps - Abriasoft Merlin makes installing apache, perl, php, and mysql locally very easy.
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Response by poster: I'm not looking to stream my music or anything, I just want something like WinAmp's HTML playlist thing, only easier to navigate.
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I second Andromeda - it's dead easy to use and it works very well. It automatically makes a page based on your folders of songs, which seems exactly what you're asking for.
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winamp exports playlists to html
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You could try Collectorz. I hardly used the html stuff but I understand it's been improving in recent upgrades
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