Tax Dollars at work?
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search: Can you help me find a citation? There was an article or post, possibly a pdf, that is a template used by our wonderful homeland security et al, to track and monitor would be terrorist's, one of these criteria's were certain flag signals for them.

Much like shooting rubber bands at planes, there was a article I ran across recently, and unfortunately didn't link it, having to do with, for example, The Psychology of Cyberspace it profiled the "cyber terrorist", or some such; as I vaguely remember it described --with bullet points-- of a would be "terrorist", one example was, "anyone who spends more than 50 hours a week on the internet", among other ridiculous things, as set down by the FBI or some other alphabet agency. Can anyone help me find that citation? I would like to use it in a research paper I am working on.
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Response by poster: Sorry if my question was so convoluted, I was trying to brainstorm as I wrote...However, I believe in the power of ask mifi! I have seen it work.
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Response by poster: How come no one even bothers to answer any of the questions I post? Is it the way I word them? This is like the second or third time I have posted and not gotten one comment. I am not being flippant, I really do not understand.
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