Help me find this book for teenagers
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I read a book when I was a teenager about a poor girl living in England, who is raped by a pop star and then hounded by him and his fans to go out with him. I can't remember the title - does anyone know the book?

I read this book in the UK about 10 years ago, and think it was based in London. I think it was in the teen section of the library, so may be published under one of the teen imprints. I'm keen to revisit this book but can't find it anywhere on Amazon or Google. Anyone know the title or author of the book?

Thanks for your help!
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Did the girl become pregnant and was there something about someone (a rival "love" interest?) working on a building site? I think I might have read it. Can't remember the title though. But if it's the same book the extra information might help.
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Yes, I think she may have got pregnant. Can't remember about a rival working on a building site, but it's possible that I've forgotten that part, as it was years ago.
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This is now driving me mad. Was one of the characters called Christopher?
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Shit. I totally remember that, but I have no idea about the title or even any other details. I will try and try to come up with something today...
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Never heard of the book but this strikes me as awesomely bad as the plot of the movie Showgirls. For those of you that read it was a serious book, a cautionary tale, campy or something else?
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I'm not entirely sure that I'm thinking of the same book. I think there were brothers - one famous, one not - but I could be wrong about that. Girl protagonist sleeps with famous one in strange situation (I'm not sure it was a rape - but I could be wrong). He and his entourage try and get her to stay with him. She has difficult decisions to make. The whole fame thing is a real problem. Turns out she's pregnant. I think there's a sequel but I'm not sure.

I read it around 1990 I think and really enjoyed it but then again I was a 16 year-old girl at the time so my critical faculties were impaired somewhat...
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