Where were those troops, anyway?
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Where were the Israeli troops when they were abducted by Hezbollah?

I've seen conflicting reports on whether they were in Israel or Lebanon and am curious which is true. I'm only interested in geography and cited sources.
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It seems some initial news reports placed the capture of Israeli troops by Hezbollah in the disputed Shabaa Farms area. Apparently by current news reporting, it happened along the border somewhere near Zarit, Israel.
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Haaretz says that they were "conducting a routine patrol of the border" and specifically "between Moshav Zarit and Moshav Shtula;" Al-Jazeera simply says "at the border with occupied Palestine." A (paper) map I have place those very close to the border, but on the Israel side.
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The Shebaa Farms attack/kidnapping happened in 2000.
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I know that on Lebanese television shortly after the attack occured, the information being given to the Lebanese people was that Israel had invaded Lebanese territory, not vice-versa. It wasn't until I talked to my sister there that she heard the Western news version.
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