A trivial pursuit
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Where can my co-workers and I go for a bar trivia outing in NYC?

We're open to anywhere in Manhattan, but something below 42nd would be preferred. Also, since the plan is to do it after work, M-F after 6pm is best.
However, if you know of any others at odd times feel free to shout them out, cause I'm sure somebody would want to know about them.
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Pete's Candy Store
posted by Maishe at 2:54 PM on July 17, 2006

Big Quiz Thing
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A second for the Big Quiz thing. I had a team with some friends and we went religiously for about 6 months last year. It's a really good mix of questions, and it's over by 10pm.
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Drunken Smartass Olympics happens on Wednesdays at Dempsey's Pub (on 2nd b/w 3rd & 4th) is hosted (I believe, may be false) by the one and only chicobangs (and a partner).
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Yeah, yeah, Big Quiz Thing. I thought I knew trivia, and I SUCKED.
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Response by poster: Yea, we were planning on going to The Baggot Inn (which I guess is the same as Dempseys in some way) but last week was the last one till September there.
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I've been to Pete's Candy Store's Quiz Night [mentioned above]. It's in Williamsburg (Take the L-train to Lorimer) and it's right on Lorimer. Wednesday nights. It was a hilarious time although our team of 6 only knew 20% of the answers.

People are too smart.
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I was going to say Dempseys. I had a wonderful time the time I went. They also have a buy one get one drink special before 7.
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Oh how I wish Philadelphia style Quizzo might be in NYC....Does anyone know if that format exists in the city?
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