Weight of body parts
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How much does a typical human adult male (a) arm (b) leg weigh?

I don't have any scales handy.
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(cuts off leg; hobbles to scale)

Typical is hard to say, since people vary so widely, but I'd estimate that an arm is 8% of your body weight, and a leg 15%, just off hand.
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This question might help.
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No pun intended. And I guess it depends whether you include shoulders and hips; I wasn't.
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I'm not sure I want to see the game system this gets written into.
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Response by poster: Shoesfullofdust wins. That is a seriously impressive document.

Solid-one-love, it's not for a game system. I'm doing a 150-mile sponsored walk in a few days, and one of my sponsors offered me £1 for each pound I lose along the way, as long as that didn't include the loss of any limbs. I wanted my smart-aleck reply ("You mean that if I lost my right leg in a freak combine-harvester accident on the second day of the walk and still hobbled on to the end, you wouldn’t pony up an extra £40? Either you’re a cold, cold man, or you have seriously overestimated my weight") to be accurate.

Speaking of such things, how's the leg?
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