Quebec, French, Desert - I just can't remember the title of this film is all...
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What is the title of this french-canadian film...that's also set outside Las Vegas?

I watched a film on Vermont Cable in 2003. The language was French, with most of the action taking place in Montreal (I'm guessing, or elsewhere in Quebec) and the desert outside Las Vegas. (Note: spoiler coming, but I assume that's...well...a bit necessary)

Basically, a man is silently in love with his platonic girlfriend, she wants him to get her pregnant, the travel (by taxi) to the desert outside Las Vegas to do the deed (but don't), and later on, about the time she realizes his emotions, he gets beat up by some gang and ends the movie in a coma. Does this ring a bell? I've exhausted other searches.

Thanks for any help and have a good one,
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Best answer: Is it Un 32 août sur terre? I have not seen it but the description fits.
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TinTitan is definitely correct.

I love Alexis Martin.
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Response by poster: That's it. Thank you very very much.
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