Cheap but good options for new ink for an HP DeskJet 932C printer?
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I need to get new ink for my HP DeskJet 932C and am looking for cheaper options. I've heard from friends that those refill kit thingies are completely awful, so I'm not really interested in going that route. Any suggestions for where I can find something fit for a lowly nonprofit worker's budget? Do any of you have any experience with remanufactured ink cartridges?
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I check for comparison shopping on ink cartridges. Generally the prices they have are lowish and the stores are at least some you've heard of. Here's a pricelist for your printer. I've bought cartridges from Inkjet Madness before, and they arrived quickly and seem to work fine.
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in toronto there's actually a store and all they do is refill ink cartridges. i went and was impressed. c$17 for what would have cost me $50. the first, oh, i'd say 30 pages were a little streaked, but after that no problems at all.

while i was waiting for it to be filled, i talked to the proprietor and found the conversation rather interesting. he talked about the different sized cartridges/ink wells in each brand and which were the most value. he said that HP were easily the best from a $:capacity amount and put epson and canon on the low end. he also said that the cartridges that come with new printers are only about 15-30 percent full.
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dobbs' comment, HP vs. canon and epson, syncs with my personal experience. But I've has good luck refilling HP cartridges myself. They can be messy, but the ink is water-soluble at least.
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I bought from a refill store (Cartridge World, UK) a few times, but most recently, they gave me a colour cartridge that kept blocking on the yellow. After the second time I returned it, they gave me a new cartridge, full, for free.
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I have the same printer, a 932C, and am amazed at ink prices. I have purchased cartridges from before, remanufactured, with no problems.
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I have had unpleasant experiences supporting HP inkjets in the past. They are so slow and dumb and fussy. I use a canon at home because they don't chip their cartridges. I don't mind refilling, although I once ruined a new corduroy blazer doing so.
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Using refilled or non-HP cartridges will most likely void your warranty.

(I'm an ex help desk flunky who used to support HP AiOs)
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But how can they tell? And by the way, under the Magnuson-Moss Act, such a decision is emphatically illegal and one can complain to the FTC to have it resolved.
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Response by poster: Thanks for all the ideas, all... I ended up finding a good three-cartridge (2 black, 1 multi, remanufactured) package on DealInk. I really appreciate all the suggestions!
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