How should I store my DVDs of assorted shapes?
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Where should I put all my DVDs? I'm trying to come up with a solution for storing my DVDs. I've used a couple of differant racks, but many of my DVDs have odd-shaped cases (think Star Trek TNG DVDs) and some are the cheap cardboard casing and some are black keep casing. I would like a consistant look, and was curious what other MeFiers do with their collections. CD storage books? Shelving? New Cases?

I've also have some I bought at various used/rental stores that have no cases at all, they just came with paper sleeves on some occassions.
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You can buy amaray cases pretty cheaply (about 50p a pop in some places) for those.

I have mine stacked one on top of the other in a shelving unit. I've been able to get many more in that way and it stops the usual problem of the information on the DVD from sliding off when you store them vertically....
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You know, I'm having the same problem - only it's the cds I want to store - but dvds are a problem as well because my storage space is limited and I have many other things I want to put on shelves. I'm thinking of trying the notebook storage solution - for all the cds and dvds that I don't just HAVE to have a jewelcase or dvd case for - some are sentimental - like the MST3K dvds!

"I have mine stacked one on top of the other in a shelving unit"

Which makes me wonder - I know there are certain ways to stack VHS tapes that are better for the tape for long term storage - haven't heard anything about cds or dvds - anyone know if this sort of thing matters? If the cases are any better or worse for the disk (than the plastic envelopes in the notebooks), or it even matters? I know that some of the cheaper dvd cases drive me crazy as I nearly break the dvd getting it out of the case, even if I have the little center button mashed down...
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Bookshelves. No little slots to fit 'em in, and they fit everything. Not just for books anymore...
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I use bookshelves for my DVDs (the cases that are odd sizes are rare in my collection so don't affect me). For CDRs I use a Case Logic book which holds 264 and it's fine.
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I work in a library that stocks a lot of DVDs. The cases with the annoying thing you have to press (that looks a bit like a yin yang symbol) tend to chip and crack the inner plastic of the DVDs they contain through use. They suck!

In an ideal world DVDs would come in stylish, thin cartridges that protect the disc.
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My daughter just bought a couple of see-through plastic Rubbermaid cases at Target for her DVD's and CD's - although she did look longingly at the pretty lined wicker baskets first. Both the plastic and wicker seemed to be the perfect size for CD's and DVD's. We also looked at the wood ones - very cute but she didn't want to spend that much money.
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I just hauled two large boxes containing about 400 or so CDs and cases up to my third floor storage area. Now they're completely out of the way and my bookshelves are free for things like books. Oh, the music? That's all ripped to high quality VBR mp3s, and stored on the 40G HD of my Nomad Jukebox 3, which is, in turn, plugged into my stereo.

DVDs are stored in some very handsome leather binders. I bought a bunch real cheap at Marshalls but given the extreme variability of stock at that chain, you're on your own finding a retail outlet for them.
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Bookshelves seem to do the trick for me. What you want to do is get a bookshelf that's properly measured from left to write (many shelve manufacturers will create custom shelves), so that you can stack the DVDs vertically with the titles on the cases reading out. It works wonders if you have a lot of box sets that wouldn't normally fit in a niche-oriented case.

If you're in San Francisco, I highly recommend the good folks at Books & Bookshelves, who offer good prices, have all sorts of different sized oak bookshelves (including ones designed for DVD and CD dimensions) and are very nice people.
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Bah...left to right. Sorry, spelling and sentence structure are the first things to go after even a small amount of sake.
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Another vote for shelves... they don't have to be upright bookcases if you don't have the room. Get some bits of wood, attach them to the wall fairly high up - paint them if you like. It's easy, too.
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Yep. Shelves.
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If you don't want to keep your collection in any sort of order, the Case Logic storage books are great. If you do want to keep them in order, though, stay away from those books, because you can't really insert a new disc in the middle of the order without removing and re-inserting every single subsequent disc. For a relatively small collection, the three-ring binders mojohand pointed to would solve this problem...
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I will reiterate that bookshelves are the best option, and if you're near a Container Store or Great Indoors, I'd recommend looking at elfa stuff. Pricey, but great quality.
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I don't like generic bookshelves for CDs or DVDs because the deep shelves mean wasted space. Try for steel racks -- they are a little pricey, but are expandable as your collection grows.
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the trick to keeping order in the notebook system is to use notebooks with removable pages. when you need to insert a new disk in the middle, you insert a new page, then you need adjust only three or four disks.

i starting tossing jewel boxes what i figure was ten years ago and i just can't imagine how i'd manage the cds any other way.
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Response by poster: crush-onastick: could you recommend a good notebook system?

For music, I just rip the CDs and throw the jewel box and CD in a box for storage. For the DVDs, I don't have quite the same ease, unfortunately, though I wish I could just rip all of my DVDs onto a computer server somewhere. I know I technically could, but the time it takes to rip a DVD is really high.

I was thinking about just putting every disc I have into smaller thin-line jewel cases, but if I could find a good notebook system that might work as well.

Either way, I have to get some cases for this discs in paper sleeves. Feeling buried here.
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If you're looking for CD sleeves these are the best solution that I have seen. They were posted by someone here in a previous discussion. I haven't tried them myself.

If you're leaning toward an inexpensive CD/DVD case I would recommend this from Computer Geeks. The shipping is a little steep, so I bought several and gave them as gifts. Buying 4, they came out to $11 each. They're built better than a similar Fellowes case I found on Amazon and can lay open flat.

And if you're looking at a shelf, this style works well depending on the layout of your room. I have one set up at home.
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