Franco Cozzo TV jingle
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Can anyone name (or ideally point me to an mp3 of) the old Franco Cozzo theme music?

Preferably the music alone without Franco doing his spiel, but I'm not picky... I have a copy of the spiel sans backing music, but it's the actual tune I'm after...

(If you weren't in Melbourne in the late 80s this won't mean a thing to you, so don't bother)
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You have a copy of the Franco Cozzo sans music? Holy cats! You are the luckiest man in the world, and no foolin'! Wish I could help you with the music, though; I will be watching this thread with great interest.
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Response by poster: hot soup girl: it's pretty poor quality, and was lifted from the (now defunct) site at - cozzo.mp3
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In Brunswick, and Footascray! That brings back old times... Thanks for the .mp3, it's my new ringtone!
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One someone should write "Welcome to Foot-es-kray" in big letters near the Footscray train station.

What do you want the music for?
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Q. What did Franco Cozzo say when he put his foot in the grey paint?

A. Oh no, my Footascray!

(Sorry, can't help with the question, but couldn't resist. Ah, Melbourne.)
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Response by poster: sien: in the past I've messed with co-workers by putting an extended version of the Life: Be In It jingle on low-volume repeat on my workstation when I'll be out of the office for a couple of hours... not loud enough for anyone to notice it over regular office noise, but just barely loud enough to be heard from a cube or two away... return to the office and see how many people are humming the tune without having any idea why... I though the Cozzo jingle would also work well - something that you only need to half-hear a bar or two for it to trigger the memory and start you humming/whistling along...
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