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Help me find comfortable sweatpants.

I'm looking for sweatpants that are extremely soft on the inside and will stay that way after being washed. Ideally they would be slightly shorter than normal and have pockets, but mostly I want soft for lounging and extra-comfy exercise. Any suggestions where to find them? All the stores nowadays only have yoga pants or poor quality sweats, it seems.
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Hanna Andersson is a bit pricey, but all their cotton is super soft and their clothes last forever.
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I love my American Apparel sweats. They're on the long side, but otherwise meet your criteria.
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aren't all sweatpants inherently comfortable?
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Aeropostale makes nice sweatpants that come in Short, Regular, or Long sizes. Unfortunately, I think they only sell them in Fall/Winter, so you might have to wait another month to check them out.
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American Apparel is the bomb. Get the Genie Pants and you won't have the length problem. if I could wear them to work, I would.
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Do they have to be the thick sweatpant material? For soft, comfy loungewear I always wear the long boxer pants (not as absorbent for exercise, but comfortable enough to work out in, and they don't pill on the inside or get scratchy). Some of them have pockets (I think mine with pockets are old "Joe Boxer" brand boxer pants).
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