Sweatpants as seen on an episode of Grey's Anatomy...
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Can anyone tell me where I can find these sweatpants?
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I'm not absolutely positive, but these look like hockey sweats to me, which are nylon on the outside with an nice warm fleecy interior. They frequently have a nice stripe like this. They're very comfortable, but they do make a bit of noise as the nylon shell rubs against itself, and are not like ordinary cotton sweats. Any good sports equipment place will carry them, and I see them at thrift stores a lot.
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You could ask in a comment on one of the writers' blog posts over at Grey Matter.
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Just a thought: Find a recording of the episode and watch the closing credits. TV shows often list the companies that provided the wardrobe. If this doesn't pan out, look for the wardrobe coordinator/director listed in the credits and do some Googling to get their contact info. Just send them an email and you're set!
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Ditto sprocket87. My wife once did this with some artwork she saw on [embarrassing television show redacted]. Worked like a charm.
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