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What should I do with my webcam? What software should I download?

I just got a new laptop and it has a webcam. It is a sony laptop, so the software it came with is really no fun.

How can I get software that does something like logitechs.

"Logitech Video Effects
Express your unique personality by using Logitech Video Effects. Choose 3D animated avatars that imitate your facial expressions and head movements, or 2D face accessories that allow you to change your look with glasses, hats and more. "

What other things can I do with the webcam? What software should I install?
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I think in order to create effects such as Logitech's, you need a Logitech webcam (as I think their software is only fully compatible with the hardware).

Instead, you could:

-Create time lapse videos
-Use it as a motion detecting video recorder
-Upload a snapshot to a www server every x minutes.
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Two words: Numa Numa.
Or three: Star Wars Kid.

I think YouTube is one word.

Have fun!
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Got a website? Be a cam whore! (I don't mean that literally.) Any one of these apps will do the whole "FTP cam shot to site every N seconds" operation for you. My best experiences have been with VisionGS and Booru. On a Mac, go with Evocam.
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I used my old webcam to make some primitive stop motion animation.

YouTube and the like are filled with videos of people goofing off on their webcams, usually lip synching to bad pop music.

You could make some home made porn and give it away or try to sell it!

Set it up in your bathroom, start a website and charge people for access to your 24/7 bathroom cam.
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You could aways keep a video blog... something like might be up your alley.
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