Things I shouldn't miss on Kauai?
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I'm spending 3 days in Hawaii, about 8 hours of which is dedicated to attending a wedding in Honolulu. What else on the island of Kauai should I be sure not to miss?

I've been told that I probably won't have enough time to hop around to the other islands, since my stay is so short. But what are the best options on Kauai? I definitely want to get out of Honolulu, and I'm thinking more wildlife, ocean, and lava than spa treatments or fancy restaurants. What should I do?
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Honolulu is on Oahu.
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Figure out whether you're flying into Kauai or Oahu. Kauai's airport is Lihue, Oahu's airport is Honolulu. (I'm guess Honolulu).
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Honolulu's on Oahu, not Kauai; which one are you going to?

There's a lot to do on both islands, luckily for you, but it would help us if you knew which one.
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Response by poster: Um... yes, sorry, I meant Oahu. The map I was looking at had the "Kauai" label between the two islands, and... I am rather stupid.
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Anything in particular you're thinking of outside of the standard tourist advice?
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As a resident of Oahu, I believe I can give a few reccommendations. First and foremost, rent a car and take a day going around the island, being sure to take the long way, and making frequent stops at places you find attractive. Bring a picnic lunch, or a tiny disposable BBQ. There are publications full of Ideas, and if you wish, and have the time before your voyage, e-mail me and I can send some of these to you. Among your more adventurous choices are hiking, (if you can be properly equipped) a day at the polo grounds, or go horseback riding yourself through some beautiful places. Some of the touristy things can be quite fun as well, and after 17 years living here, some of them I still quite enjoy. The days of the tropical hideaway on this island are long gone, but there is still much fun to be had, either urban or rural. If you spend an hour or two in Waikiki, I'd be pleased to share a beer with ya.
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rkent -- I'm here now and cruising for activities myself. If you're a foodie and don't mind giving up a night of Hawaiian style food you might be interested in checking out Shabu Shabu House. My wife and I became enamored of the cuisine on our last trip and found it hellishly obscure on the mainland. Check the Wikipedia article on it, its pretty good, though I'd recommend the ginger sauce too. Parking for the above place is available with validation in the garage next door (also through the alley). Not at all fancy and potentially adventuresome.
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Diamondhead is a classic tourist spot. I don't remember the local name.

There's a bus that goes all the way around the island - just a regular muni-ish bus (every island is a county). Its not terribly long, & goes through a bunch of cool places. You can get off on the other side of the island (far, far fewer people) and catch a later bus later on. Cheap & easy.

Also consider going to Kauai (beautiful, beautiful island - plenty of good hiking there), Maui (Haleakala is another classic spot) or even the big island (the observatory on Mauna Kea is fun, as is Volcano Natl Park). There are a few new carriers for interisland flights right now... including one thats supposed to be something like $20/flight, although that might have just been for a promotion.

Enjoy your stay.
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Oh, and if you go to the big island, go through Hawi, and eat at a restaurant called Bamboo. One of the most mellow/unpretentious (although the new owners seemed to class it up a bit more, which doesn't fit at all) but awesomely good restaurants I've eaten at in my life.
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go snorkeling. if you haven't done much, start at hanauma bay, which is a nature preserve in a protected cove. the eastern coast is also very beautiful generally - the beach at lanikai is gorgeous and uncrowded. a perfect place to unwind vs the overcrowded waikiki area.
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When you drive around the island, make sure to have lunch at one of the shrimp shacks by the road at the northeast corner of the island. Fresh-caught that day and cooked to order. De-lish!
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My sole memory from a trip to Oahu as a kid besides Waikiki Beach was going to see the North shore -- there were monstrous waves and suicidal surfers. (That might only be true during certain seasons, though?)
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If you are going to Hawaii and want nature, you should try to make it to Kauai. Your inner-poster knows this already.

Depending on your level of MountanDewExtremeness, you could kayak the Napali Coast in a day, hike down to the Wailua Falls, swim in the Queen's Bath, or eat some saimin at Hamura.
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