How can I sort a few GB of imp3s into folders by artist?
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I have a few Gb of mp3 which I want to sort into folders by artist (they are currently all lumped together in one single folder). My ID3 tags are in order. Is there any software that will allow me to do this in XP?
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iTunes does that, if you check the "keep my iTunes folder organized" option. (It actually creates a directory for each artist, with subdirectories for each album, which may be more than you want.)
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I like Tag&Rename, (it's one of the more popular mp3 naming programs) it lets you create folders named from Id3 tags, but it still might take you a while. Only problem is it's not freeware, you can use it for 30 days though.

If you want freeware, maybe Rename Master, haven't tried it yet.
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bobo123, I actually have T&R, just didn't know it could do that. Thanks.
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On a related note, is there a good, fast mp3 normalizer out there?
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I second signals question - a few years ago there was a piece of software that worked as a very fast mp3 normalizer. It didn't use the old fashioned "convert to wave, normalize, convert back to mp3" technique, rather it relied on a property of mp3 files where a "scaling factor" can be set within the files. It could normalize a 5 minute mp3 in about 5 seconds. Unfortunately, like many pieces of forgotton shareware, it seems to have dissapeared off the net. Does anyone know what I'm talking about, or an equivalent piece of software? It seems like a fairly simple technique, I'm suprised I can't find any open source software to do the job over at Freshmeat.
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Oops, I think I've found it - mp3Trim. If I recall, if it's not registered, it won't do batch conversions, and it won't normalize long mp3s files, but it's a very smart piece of software.
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Sorry, ignore that last link, for some reason a pop-up ad companies URL ended up in my browser bar when I copied and pasted. Here's the proper URL and it's not too hard to find the full version of you know where to look and are into those kind of dodgy dealings.
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Sigh. Anyone remember the good ol days of

dir *.mp3 /on /b /s /w > playme.m3u
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iTunes for Windows normalizes all MP3s (if that means adjusts the volume of all to be at a consistent level). It does take a second or two per track.
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In re: normalization, try this thing, which seems to do exactly what you want without requiring any transcoding.

For several years, I've used this, which back in the day only supported uncompressed audio. These days it seems to have MP3 support as well, although it may very well be transcoding as it goes along.

As for renaming and sorting MP3s, I do that as I rip them, so I don't know how it could be done in a batch process. It probably wouldn't be too hard to whip something up using this.
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ssf: Does it change the actual mp3 file or does it just save the equalizer presets in its own little playlist file thingy?
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Found freeware mp3sort.exe here, which works alright.
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And an opensource normalizer on sourceforge.
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I use a little utility called MP3 Tag Tools 1.2 , which can batch-manipulate ID3 tags (strip annoying comments, fix case, etc) as well as rename files in any schema you want (e.g. $artist\$album\$artist - $track - $title.mp3).
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I should add, one thing with MP3 Tag Tools -- there is no "Are you sure?" and there is no undo, so don't try anything too fancy while you're still learning the program. I accidentally wiped out all my ID3 tags when I first got the program, and had to have the program re-add them according to the filenames.
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