Editing MP3 tags with Explorer
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For a friend: How do I get the option to edit the mp3 tag in Windows Explorer with right clicking and going to Properties?

In Windows, when I right click on an mp3 and go to Properties > Summary > Advanced, the option is greyed out. In the Properties > Summary > Simple I am given the option to give the title and leave a comment. But that is all. I am the computer owner and I have given myself full administrative rights for the account I am using.
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I don't believe there's a way to do it directly in Windows, but you can use AudioShell, from the makers of Tag&Rename, to give you the same functionality.
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I think AudioShell will let you do what you need, but it still takes a couple clicks. I use Mp3Tag integrated into the shell, so the application is just a right-click away. I like it's ability to script changes to tags. That keeps them very consistent.
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Hi, I am the friend that requested that this question be posted. I have installed AudioShell and Mp3Tag, but the options still look the same. The boxes are still grayed out. The read me file says that AudioShell was designed for 32 bit windows and I am running 64 bit windows. Any ideas on how I can "ungray" these boxes?
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I have Windows XP Home, and I can edit the tags directly using the "Advanced" summary, just like what you asked. I played around a bit to see if I could replicate the "greying-out" of the Advanced option, but no luck.

I don't have the answer to why it doesn't work, but at least you know that it should be doable. Although I don't know if that changes because you are on 64-bit platform...
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Did you check to make sure the files aren't read only?
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The read-only box is unchecked.
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When you right-click on an mp3 is there an "Edit Tag" option?
When I installed Audioshell this allowed me to skip the step of going to properties-> summary --> advanced.
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Musicbrainz rules the (id3tag) school.
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right clicking does not give me the "edit tag" option
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